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Brand Introduction
CISSOID is a Belgian based semiconductor device manufacturer that provides standard product and custom solutions for power management, power conversion and signal conditioning in extreme temperatures and harsh environments. CISSOID has high temperature isolated gate drivers, high voltage SiC, MOSFET switches and other powerful semiconductor products and evaluation suite combination. Other products include DC to DC converters and linear regulators, power drivers, IC, general IC, and discrete components. The products are reliable in performance, in the temperature range of -55 DEG C to +225 DEG C, and the temperature is beyond the scope of work, whether it is the highest point of the lowest point in the low temperature region or high temperature area, its performance will not be affected. Products can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum mining, smart grid, power transmission and distribution, motor drive, electric locomotive traction, the production of renewable energy, uninterruptible power supply, hybrid and electric vehicles, high-speed rail and so on, can be in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions, to provide customers with power management, the ready availability of power conversion and signal conditioning products and solutions.
Product Series
Voltage regulator, voltage reference, transistor, power switch, DC-DC converter, grid driver, motor driver, digital to analog converter, crystal oscillator, timer, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / Networking Industry / Automation
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