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Brand Introduction
Founded in 2014, Core Microelectronics has been awarded the High-Tech Enterprise Certificate in 2016 and the Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise Certificate in 2017 and joined the Semiconductor Association. More than 40 patents have been applied for cumulative layout. Adequate financial strength and strong technical strength have enabled the core R&D products to be developed and marketed rapidly. Currently, there are more than 100 models in 3 categories, all of which are in line with EU RoHs and green environmental standards. With high reliability, low power consumption and adaptability to portable applications, the company has established strategic partnerships with many well-known fabs and packaging and testing plants to ensure the production capacity and quality of the products and to maximize the maintenance of customers. interest. With advanced production lines and strong production capacity support from third parties, we pursue continuous improvement of technology and control of production costs.
Product Series
Amplifier, Interface Circuit, Power Management, ADC/DAC
Application Areas
Handheld mobile, consumer electronics, network telecom equipment, medical equipment, automotive electronics, industrial control, etc.
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