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Digital Power Corporation

Name:Digital Power Corporation


Brand Introduction
Founded in 1969, headquartered in California, Digital Power Corporation (AMEX:DPW) in the North American and European industry, telecommunications, data communications, medical, military and other industries engaged in switching power supply product design, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution. It provides a switching power supply and power supply systems, uninterruptible power supply, power converter and power distribution equipment, DC / AC inverter, single output data bus, high density open frame power supply, high density closed central power supply, open frame switch and 100 watt switch. The company also provides static inverter, rectifier, inverter, DC system transformer, circuit breaker monitoring and control, smart switch type DC / DC power supply, filter box, navigation and signal board and commercial inverter. The company sells its products through representatives and distributors of independent manufacturers of networks.
Product Series
Power converter, DC / AC inverter, front end data bus, power supply, static frequency converter, DC system, transformer rectifier, circuit breaker, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, medical, electronic communications / networking, industry / automation, military / defense
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