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Brand Introduction
Edison Edison electric company headquarters was established in October 2001, is located in Taiwan city and Taipei County, research and practice has many years of experience, the company specializes in the design and manufacture of high power semiconductor lighting and a variety of LED (Solid State Lighting) application module, S/PDIF module, optical fiber transmission light sensing components such as photoelectric products, due to the rapid growth the market demand, in October 2006 to set up factories in Dongguan China Hengli Town, and invested $13 million in Jiangsu province China branch - Yangzhou Edison optoelectronics Co. Ltd., has been successfully opened in 2009 June, the two sides of the three layout, with the most advanced plant and equipment, to provide customers with complete product support and rapid delivery service. Edison focuses on high power LED products, specializing in the design and manufacture of high power / LED and solid-state lighting (Solid State Lighting) application module, S/PDIF optical transmission element, optical sensing element and other optoelectronic products, in addition, as the Taiwan LED packaging factory leader, Edison also attaches great importance to the brand outside the lattice element business, is committed to providing professional design and manufacturing services customized for customers, products from the LED components, optical design, module to the patio lamp, lighting lamps provide integrated services around business and channel LDMS.
Product Series
Solid state lighting application module, fiber optic transmission, S/PDIF element, light sensing element, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, lighting, electronic communications / Networking
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