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Brand Introduction
Morningstar semiconductor is a world class ASIC provider focused on consumer electronics and image processing chip products. Since its inception in 2002, Morningstar has consistently adhered to the goal of continuous innovation and high quality customer service. It has successfully introduced a wide range of product designs and has become the fastest growing company in the industry. In 2010, Morningstar reached 1 billion (1 Billion) dollars, gaining world-class leadership in the areas of LCD control chips, analog and digital TV, and tablet products. Morning star enterprise is headquartered in Taiwan, Hsinchu, in around the world with R & D, business and production units, can be called a truly world-class manufacturers. High integration, high performance system-on-a-chip (SoC) design based on core competence, Morningstar has strong R & D team, both in the machine box, multimedia monitor or have professional knowledge and rich experience in application software. With excellent executive ability, Morningstar continues to deliver highly integrated and cost effective solutions in mature and emerging markets.
Product Series
Touch Panel IC, LCD-TV Scaler, HD DVB-T/C/S, Solution EOC, NFC
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / networks
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